Q1. What are the requirements for participating in the burnout competition?
A1 - The main requirement is that you have a vehicle with tires that are ready to be smoked! Oh, and a valid driver's license, of course. But we won't judge if you're still working on your parallel parking skills.

Q2. Can anyone attend the event, and is there a fee for admission?
A2 - Of course! We wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the tire-squealing action. However, to help support the event and keep the burnouts burning, we do require a $30 admission ticket. But don't worry, your ticket includes unlimited access to all the ear-splitting revving and tire-shredding you can handle. It's a small price to pay for a whole lot of excitement!

Q3. What type of vehicles are allowed to participate in the burnout competition?
A3 - We're not too picky when it comes to vehicles. As long as it's not a unicycle or a hoverboard, you should be good to go.

Q4. Do I need to register in advance to participate in the burnout competition?
A4 - Yes, you'll need to register in advance to reserve your spot in the burnout competition. Registration ensures that we have enough space and resources to accommodate all participants, and it also helps us keep the event organized. So if you're ready to turn 'em and burn 'em, make sure to sign up ahead of time!

Q5. Will there be food and beverages available for purchase at the event?
A5 - You won't go hungry or thirsty at Turn 'Em & Burn 'Em! We'll have a variety of food trucks serving up delicious eats, ranging from tacos to shaved ice. And for those 18 and over, we'll also have a beer garden with a wide selection of cold brews. So come hungry and thirsty, and be ready to fuel up for all the action!

Q6. Are there any restrictions on bringing outside food or drinks into the event?
A6 - We're not too strict when it comes to outside food and drinks. Please note, however, that outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. But don't worry - we've got you covered with a great selection of beer in our beer garden!

Q7. Is there a designated area for parking, and is there a fee for parking?
A7 - Yes, we have a designated parking area for attendees. And don't worry, parking is free! We don't want anyone burning rubber in the parking lot (unless it's part of the competition, of course).

Q8. When should drivers arrive for the burnout competition?
A8 - Attention all drivers! The early bird gets the burnout. To ensure you don't miss your chance to compete, be sure to arrive at least an hour before the start time. There will be a mandatory drivers' meeting to review the rules and safety precautions, so plan to arrive early and be ready to roar! Please note that latecomers will be pushed to the end of the line, so don't be fashionably late unless you want to watch from the sidelines.

Q9. Will there be prizes or awards for the top performers in the burnout competition?
A9 - You better believe it! We've got some pretty sweet awards lined up for the top performers.

Q10. Are there any restrictions on the use of pyrotechnics or other special effects during the burnout competition?
A10 - We're all for creativity, but let's keep the pyrotechnics to a minimum. We don't want anyone setting the venue on fire (unless it's part of the show, of course).

Q11. How will the burnout competition be organized and judged?
A11 - The burnout competition will be organized into heats, with each heat consisting of a set number of participants. During the competition, judges will be scoring each participant based on criteria such as tire smoke, duration, and crowd reaction. The top performers from each heat will move on to the finals, where they'll battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights. So make sure to listen up at the drivers' meeting and bring your A-game to the burnout pad!

Q12. What is the Show & Shine competition?
A12 - The Show & Shine competition is a part of our event where attendees can show off their trucks.

Q13. Do I need to register my truck for the Show & Shine competition?
A13 - Yes, in order to participate in the Show & Shine competition, you'll need to register your truck in advance. You can do so through our website.

Q14. Can I participate in both the burnout competition and the Show & Shine competition?
A14 - Yes, you can participate in both, just make sure you select both on your registration.